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How to share your poll's results publicly

Here are 3 different ways to share a poll with your fans.

1. Set the results public

In the Advanced Options of the Configuration section, check the option "The poll results are publicly accessible". This will add a Results button on the Thank You Page that participants see after answering the poll.

If you don't want all questions answers to show up in the public results, you can edit each question individually and uncheck the option "The question's results are public".

2. Share the results pie chart on your Page Timeline

For the multiple choice questions in your poll, you will find a "View as pie chart" link in the Results section. Click the link to display the pie chart and download the PNG image by clicking hamburger menu. From your page Timeline, write a status update and upload the image:

3. Share the public results link

When results are public, you can share the direct URL to the public results page. To find this URL, go to the Results section and click the "Share results" button at the bottom of the page. You can then copy and paste this URL on your Page timeline or your website.