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Embed Rich Media Clips Into Your Polls

The web is filled with interesting content such as videos, audio clips, animated gifs, presentations and much more. What if you could integrate these interactive medias into your polls? Well wonder no more, it is now possible to embed content from thousands of different websites right into your polls.

Embedding content is easy as pasting a URL. Simply create a new question or edit an existing one. Next to the question or option text box, you will find a new "play button" icon. Click the icon and paste the URL to the media you wish to embed. For example, you could navigate to YouTube, search for a video and then copy the URL from your browser's address bar and paste it in to your poll to turn the URL into an embedded video player.

The Media dialog

Here are a few of the services you support to give you some ideas for your next poll:

There isn't an extensive list of all supported websites but we cover all the big names and the smaller ones too! The easiest way to find out if a website is supported is simply to paste a URL and see if it works.