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How to Edit the Facebook Page Tab Name

When you install a Tab on your Facebook Page, it will be named "Poll" by default. It's sometimes useful to rename the tab to better reflect the purpose of your poll. You could for example rename it to "Contact Form" or "Mother's Day Contest". Fortunately, changing a tab's name can easily be done by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Page Settings
  2. Click on the Edit Page tab
  3. Find Poll in the list and click the Settings button next to it
  4. Click the Edit Settings link
  5. There you can edit the tab's name and click Save

Page settings

Tab name

Note that if nothing happens after you click the Save button, you just have to reload the Page and the tab name should have changed.

Removing the tab from the Page

Remove tab

You can follow the same procedure to remove the tab from the Facebook Page. Only the last two steps are different. If the poll is still running, you also need to remove it from the Page in the Publish section of your poll or else participants will get an error message when they try to reach the poll.